Remove top sites and other customizations for Firefox for Android

I've seen that a similar post was marked 'solved' but as there is no workaround, surely it should be left open.

I've been using Firefox since 2005 - almost always on Windows - though have used it on Linux. I recently got an Android tablet and was shocked at how (let's say) different, the browser is on the platform.

Tabs have been taken from the top of the screen and moved to the left. No easy dropdowns for favorite sites and worst of all, there is some ridiculous 'Top Sites' feature. I really dont see the need for such a feature as my 'top sites' would be in my favourites..

If top sites is anything like the desktop version (which thankfully was easy to get rid of) then it could potentially show a screen with my banking details (balance etc) to anyone that uses firefox on a shared tablet.

A ridiculous security oversight.. Why can we not set a homepage to a website or whatever we want? I would also like to see some further customisation options for tablets. We have a lot of screen real-estate, you know..

I see that the top sites thing is being looked at but can you please leave at least one post open to post updates.. I will be installing Firefox again but will have to use something else in the meantime - at least until I can get user profiles on my Galaxy 10.1 in 4.2.

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