I can't drag images or file links to the Downloads window.

I usually browse a lot of images and large files and it's easier for me to have the Downloads window open and drag the links or images to it to start the download. This lets me keep track of the progress of each file and check the proper names. Since FF 18 I can't do this, it doesn't let me drag to this window no more. I know I can drag things directly to the Finder window (I'm on OSX 10.8.2), and this still works. But it's not the same workflow, I like to use the Downloads window better.

Here is the video that shows the bug in action: - First I try dragging a .zip file link, then an image, and finally I drag the image to open a new tab to show that works and it's a simple image file.

Is this a general bug? a feature removed or is it just me?

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