Accidentally allowed AVG PC Tuneup to configure something and I'm not sure what it was. Firefox seems slower, what could have caused it?

AVG wanted to mess around with Firefox's "Website Display settings" or something like that, in order to utilize Firefox for my internet speed. I accidentally accepted, and Firefox has seemed to become slower (or I'm paranoid). I can't figure out what AVG did, and I'm hoping somebody might know.

Here's a word for word copy of what it said:

"The Firefox settings for website display are not optimal for the Internet connection selected in your profile, or for your computer.

Our recommendation: Your browser settings should correspond to your Internet connection and your computer's performance to enable you to surf the Internet at the highest possible speed.

If you apply this recommendation, AVG PC TuneUp automatically runs all necessary optimizations for you."

So any ideas on what AVG could have changed? I'll try providing any other information needed.

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