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Is there a way to epair corrupted bookmarks backup file?


I needed to upgrade a client's PC to a newer Microsoft Windows OS. The upgrade wouldn't work so I did a wipe and reload. I backed up the user's profile using MS's Easy Migration app, but didn't realize that it wouldn't backup Firefox's stuff. The client is heavily dependent on her bookmarks so I used a format recovery tool and found a .json backup file from before the format, but it's corrupted. I need some professional help to see if it can be repaired.

Thanks , Wayne

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Tyler Downer
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Did you back up the APPDATA folder for her windows profile? the firefox data lives there Recovering important data from an old profile

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In what way is that JSON backup corrupted?

Were not all clusters recovered successfully and are some from another file?

Did you check the content of that file and compared it with a valid backup file?

Question owner

Hi Tyler,

No...I didn't back up that folder. I used the Microsoft Easy Migration Wiz to back up her Windows profile, and I think I may have even specified not to back up application data. The json file that I have was recovered using Krollontrack's Easy Recovery Home software. The file is dated from before I did a wipe and reload on the PC, so if I could 'decorrupt' the file it would save my bacon.


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I'm not sure what doing a comparison would accomplish. For that matter, I don't have any idea how to view a json file. All I know is that when I try to restore the file in Firefox it tells me that the restore failed. If you have some specific methods for trying to fix the file please pass them along.

Thanks, Wayne