I would like to be able to remove the 'bookmarks toolbar' from the bookmarks menu.

Recently Firefox had a .. problem. I'm not sure what it was, or why. I just opened it one day and it had to 'reset'. So, it did, and i lost a bunch of things like addons and themes and stuff like that. Its not a big deal, because all the data was still there. Still, i have to fix some things again.

I'm still using Firefox 15 - mostly because of some addons that aren't available in later ones, namely an addon that lets me make the window title Aero themed, i like that much more than the solid colours and i can't find one that works with later versions (anyone know of a way around that i would love to hear that too.

Anyway, my question is simple I used to have the ability (i guess, an addon i've since forgotten about) to go to remove the 'bookmarks toolbar' from the Bookmarks menu. Also, i had a 'save all tabs' or something similar to that. Does anyone know an addon, or tweak, or anything that could get me that again?

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