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I would like to be able to remove the 'bookmarks toolbar' from the bookmarks menu.


Recently Firefox had a .. problem. I'm not sure what it was, or why. I just opened it one day and it had to 'reset'. So, it did, and i lost a bunch of things like addons and themes and stuff like that. Its not a big deal, because all the data was still there. Still, i have to fix some things again.

I'm still using Firefox 15 - mostly because of some addons that aren't available in later ones, namely an addon that lets me make the window title Aero themed, i like that much more than the solid colours and i can't find one that works with later versions (anyone know of a way around that i would love to hear that too.

Anyway, my question is simple I used to have the ability (i guess, an addon i've since forgotten about) to go to remove the 'bookmarks toolbar' from the Bookmarks menu. Also, i had a 'save all tabs' or something similar to that. Does anyone know an addon, or tweak, or anything that could get me that again?

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Sounds that you had a chrome folder with a userChrome.css file in it to do such a customization.

If you have the Old Firefox Data folder on the desktop then check that folder for the chrome folder and copy that folder to the current Firefox Profile Folder.

You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder

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