posted by valokv 5 years ago
Internet doesn't work after VPN reconnects unless firefox is restarted

When I connect to Office VPN through Juniper Cisco Client, there is a script that automatically configures the proxy in "Automatic proxy configuration URL" in firefox. Everything works fine. I am able to browse the internet and also access my office tools. However, in between, if the VPN disconnects and reconnects on it own (due to any reason other than manual disconnection) , I am then not able to open any website. Firefox behaves as if there is no internet connection. I tried changing the proxy settings to "No proxy" but no use. I then again set the proxy settings to be that of VPN but the result is the same. The only solution is that I close firefox and open it again, I am then able to browse without making any changes in the proxy settings. This is frustrating because I have to close all the websites and firefox and open it again to access the internet. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and have Firefox 18.0.1 installed.

The issue started after I upgraded to Firefox 18.0.1 . On previous versions, there was no such issue.

I have tried similar thing on IE but IE works fine. Even if the VPN disconnects and reconnects several times, IE allows me to browse the websites and continue my work from where I left.

May be some kind of bug on this latest release.

Regards, Alok Verma

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