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webpage trembles and becomes black


I'm using the beta version of Firefox on Android 4.1 on a tablet.

Sometimes (after some hours browsing) the webpage starts trembling when I want to scroll. And if I I press an other UI element, the webpage turns black until I manually kill it with a task killer.

I have a logcat with a bunch of errors, but I see no way to upload it here. You can ask me if you want sanderd17 AT gmail.

Or if there's a better place to report bugs, please tell me.

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AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers

Can you further detail by what you mean by 'trembling'?

As for black content, we've seen this before and we're tracking this issue in bug 835263. You can drop a comment in there or CC yourself to the bug to follow along.

AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers


Can you try out Aurora (http://aurora.mozilla.org) for mobile Android, and report back here if that works out for you? If not, what about Nightly for mobile Android? (http://nightly.mozilla.org).

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It doesn't look to be the same bug. The webpage loads fine, I can scroll down at first, but suddenly, it starts the behaviour described.

The trembling is like the webpage is suddenly connected to a vibrator. It goes up and down a few pixels at a high fequency, for a short period (about 1s). after that, the webpage is still again, until I pres it again to scroll or to hit a link, then it makes the trembling movement again.

It looks like the scroll animation crashes.

It only becomes black after touching an other UI element (not in the content screen).

I'll try with aurora and nightly, but as I only get it after a long time browsing, you need to give me some time.

Question owner

just got it with aurora.