How do I open mp3 file in firefox?

I don't how to search for or even properly ask this question but here goes.

On my webhost where the files are located there is an icon the looks like a magnifying glass.

If you click on this icon it opens that file in a new tab and you can view it/playit.

So when I click that on a music file in Firefox on my old computer it opens the music file in a new tab and there is a little gray music player that lets plays the music file. And the link to that file is the the at the address bar at top.

Now on my new computer in Firefox it does not do this. Instead it gives me a popup window asking me what program I want to use to open the file. Most of the programs open the file in an external program like WMP or download it to the desktop. But I want it to open the file in a new tab in Firefox. And on the new computer in Goggle Chrome it does the old way. But I prefer to use Firefox.

So either I need a certain plugin for FF or I need to know what program to use to open the file or a way to determine what program GC or my old FF is using so I can set Firefox to the same program.

I hope I explained myself well enough and thanks for the help.

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