How to permanently disable click-to-run "feature" on all plug-ins

How can I permanently disable the click-to-run "feature" for all plug-ins *including* ones that are unsafe, exploitable, etc.?

I know that this is "unsafe", "inadvisable", a "security risk", etc. however this question has been asked many times and I have not yet found an answer. My reason for wanting to do so is not important and there is no point in questioning it; this is a simple question with what should be a simple answer, and does not require the bickering and arguing that always ensues when someone asks this extraordinarily basic question.

I want to permanently disable any and all forms of click-to-run for any and all plugins, so that all plugins run without having to be clicked first and show absolutely no warnings whatsoever of any kind. If I don't want to run a plug-in I will disable it.

How can I do this very simply thing?

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