when changing pages on my wix site, video from previous page is still playing in background of new page and if another video is clicked, both audio tracks play

I have a website created with wix and have a lot of embedded videos throughout my site. Chrome, Internet Explorer & Safari do not have this issue and I have been following a thread through wix for 6 months with no resolution so I thought I would start here. If a video with audio is playing on one page and you continue to move throughout the site containing other auto play embedded videos, once you land on the following page, the new video starts and you now have the audio from the previous page and the new page playing simultaneously. I do not believe that this can be solved within wix support and I am hoping there is a solution to this problem as I personally use firefox as my default browser and I understand that 1 out of 5 internet users are using firefox and I do not want to have this issue for my customers in the future. Any help is going to be greatly appreciated.

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