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Is there a way to protect the download list and/or history so they can't be cleared/deleted?


I use the same computer as the rest of my family. Although I am ostensibly the administrator I use the family logon for normal use. I ask the rest of my family to not clear the download list because I like to keep track of what's been downloaded in case something with a virus or something like that is downloaded. I also like to keep track of the web sites my children access, so I would like to keep the History as well. Unfortunately, my oldest has learned how to delete history that she doesn't want me to see. Is there something in Firefox, or Mozilla in general, that can allow me to keep the things and if so how would I proceed?

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Use security software or a router with a build-in password protected logging feature if you want to keep a record of visited websites.
You can't prevent people from deleting the history and other personal (private) data in Firefox and a log elsewhere will always work even if other browser would be used.