With Firefox 18.0.1, the browsers continues to crash. I have tried all alternatives from turning off all add-ons to resetting the browsers. What next?

With any one solution, it appears fixed but then begins to crash again. It crashes at start-up. It crashes as I move from one page to another. It crashes after being on for several minutes or sometimes for better part of an hour. It has little to do with video retrieval or any one page or speed of changing from one to another page. It has gotten worse and worse with each new upgrade and seems to have started with upgrades after 14.0. I have to believe the problem is embedded in Firefox rather than any of the suggested solutions put out by Mozilla. At present, I have all add-ons and plug-ins disabled. I am prepared to uninstall Flash and Java if that would help. I prefer Firefox but it seems Mozilla does not appreciate the frustration of not have someone, other than me, solve this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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