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can i see my bookmarks with one click?


it used to be like this: mark a bookmark - and click on "bookmarks" and you can see this bookmark (and other bookmarks). Only one click to show the bookmarks. Now I get lost in a very confusing and complicated bookmarks menu called "Library" - it is easier to write the address of the bookmark in the address bar or to google it anew than navigating through this mess.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/930384 got no answer, jscher2000 didnt understand the question: can i see my bookmarks with 1 click like before? 

http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/5701/access-your-unsorted-bookmarks-the-easy-way/ offers a work-around - i can see my bookmarks in 2 steps

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You can toggle the Bookmarks sidebar on/off via "View > Sidebars > Bookmarks" or Ctrl+B

Firefox 4+ versions have two bookmark buttons with a star in the Customize window.
One star button has a drop marker that open a Bookmark menu and may appear on the Navigation Toolbar or on the Bookmarks Toolbar if the menu bar is hidden.
The other star button without the drop marker opens the bookmarks in the sidebar.

  • Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout
  • View > Toolbars > Customize

Question owner

Thank you for your answer.

You didnt quite understand my question.

I know how to open a bookmark menu, as a drop down menu or as a sidebar.

The point is: my bookmarks are not shown in the bookmark menu. In the bookmark menu, I can click "show all bookmarks", then i will NOT see all bookmarks, but the "library" will open. And then I usually get lost in all those options, folders and clicks.

When I open the bookmarks menu, I would like to see my bookmarks without further clicking.

When FF had "bookmarks" on the menu bar, I could click there and a drop down list with all my bookmarks would open. No further clicking required. Is something like this possible now?

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You only see the Bookmarks Menu button on the Bookmarks toolbar or Navigation toolbar if the menu bar is hidden (View > Toolbars) and that is not the default on Windows XP. Otherwise you can use the Bookmarks menu.

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thanks, i figured this one out already.

I dont see my bookmarks in the bookmark menu without further clicks. Is there a way that all my bookmarks show up in the boomark menu (no further clicks needed)?

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Only if all the bookmarks would be in the main Bookmarks Menu folder and not in subdirectories.

The Bookmarks sidebar can be opened with all folders open (stored in localstore.rdf), so that can be considered as an alternative.

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your answer lead me to the solution to my question; http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/787929