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I can't reach the firefox home page, I'm stuck on the tutorials, and I need to access my flash settings for firefox mobile. What do I do?


Basically I need to reach my firefox settings, so that I can automatically enable flash for every website. But I can't reach the settings, and every route that involves firefox leads me back to a tutorial -_-. I really need help.

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Hi Jahlia,

I'm sorry you are having this problem, can you tell me the make and model of the phone you are using, so I can help you out a bit more?

Thank you! Michelle Luna Mozilla mobile support team

ariestiyansyah 0 solutions 2 answers

Yeah, what phones model you used ?

To enables flash in firefox for android

  1. just go to Menu > More > Setting
  2. Tap Plugins in the Content section. The Plugins context menu appears.
  3. To enable Flash to play for all websites by default, tap Enabled.
  4. To disable plugins for all websites, tap Disabled.

I am sorry if i am wrong, please let us know your problem :D