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How can I restore my original files and settings?


I had a computer crash and had to send my laptop in for service, in the process of it, I lost some files. All of my files are backed up on external hard drive, though, but I cannot get firefox to open the files now. I lost my custom preferences and saved passwords. Even though I have these files backed up, if I put them into the firefox folder again, firefox will not open them. Is there another way to retrieve my settings and passwords? I did manage to restore my bookmarks, at least.

I have windows 7 64bit on HP Pavilion DV-7 laptop.

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See this for information about restoring from your back up files.


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Hi Edmeister, thanks for the reply. I did as the article said and it restored everything but my passwords. When I bring up my saved passwords window, it is still blank.

I did not have every folder inside my profile folder backed up, just the files. Is there somewhere else that the passwords are saved? I'm using the Saved Passwords Editor extension.

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Passwords are saved in two files, key3.db and signons.sqlite. You need both files.

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I do have both of those files.

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"If you do not see any passwords in the Password Manager window (Show Passwords) then your passwords are probably lost."

Aw, rats. Well, thanks so much for the help with this. Next time I will use the password exporter.