Why Can't I create a new folder in yahoo email? (I can if I use Internet Explorer)

I still use yahoo email a lot. I am also a big fan of firefox. But today I noticed a problem. I wanted to move an email to a new folder but I can't get yahoo to give me a prompt so that I can put in a folder name. Also I wanted to print an email an email and I can't get the print box to come up. Usually all I have to do is click on actions and then print message. Firefox usually brings up it's popup blocker, and then I tell it it is ok to allow popups from yahoo. But right now it won't give me that. I tried turning off my popup blocker, and that didn't seem to help either. I also noticed that whenever I click on things in my email stuff seems kinda slow. It says "loading" for while and then does or doesn't do what I want it to do. At first I thought maybe the problem is flash player. I did a flash player re install, but that didn't help. I decided to bring out Internet Explorer just in case that I could get my email to work with that browser. I was surprised to discover that everything worked perfectly in Internet Explorer. Then I decided maybe Firefox should be reinstalled. I uninstalled Firefox and then downloaded a new copy of it. Then I rebooted, and installed the new copy. The browser is noticeably faster and smoother then the old install but I am still having trouble with it and my yahoo email.

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