Firefox application error when closing 0xc0000005

Hi I've been getting errors every so often when closing firefox.

This is what I'm seeing

I've been looking for a way to solve this error and figure out what is causing it. My search has brought me here. Some details.

This crash doesn't happen every time I close firefox I can't find a way to "make" it happen when closing it to reproduce it but it happens fairly often. I could go 2-3 days without it happening, the next day it might happen 3 times. The error only happens when closing firefox, it does not crash. Been happening for months. Reinstalled firefox many times

The extensions I use are: adblock plus 2.2.2 noscript

I've gone to about:crashes in my browser and looked at the most recent crash and found something odd. It lists 2 crashes for the same time.

1 is (this one is showing up as firefox verison 17.0.1) ID:9fb71784-ba7b-4925-9de4-608e12130202 Signature: F_2060112065______________________________

2nd is (this one is showing up as firefox verison Firefox 18.0) ID: 5ff65935-890a-4541-bd20-ac9b12130202 Signature: F2102588022______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does this mean I have 2 firefox verisons installed and running at the same time? Only one shows up in task manager. So what do these crashes mean and why are the crash reports listing two verisons?

Thanks for the help.

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