posted by klamp 5 years ago
Browser is loading some websites completely, others do not and others with "This Connection is Untrusted"

I just updated 18.0.1 last night and the problems began immediately. Even this site I had to allow as an exception then when it loaded it has no colors, no menus, etc. This is happening for facebook, parts of amazon, etc. I get "This Connection is Untrusted" when I try to load gmail, log in to Amazon, trying to load this support page, etc. However I have no problem with, wiki, and other random websites. I need this fixed as soon as possible, I have a deadline for my job and can't open my email to send files.

I am relativity tech savvy, but reading through the forum about firewalls, and such did not help me. I'm completely lost, panicking and three seconds away from just completely wiping my computer.

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