Suddenly Norton Confidential crashing on pages with the 'Website Blocked' graphic.

Started as of 1/31/13. Using Firefox 18.0.1. Using Norton version via Comcast. I have, for now, disabled the Norton add-on. Here are the top five crash reports: D2D84D03-A665-4F38-BBE8-3BA2CFE9FBA3 11/15/1210:32 PM 333510A4-B2E3-4123-929D-8DE8DE6A97E8 11/15/1210:32 PM 087EF4CA-0C83-427A-A89E-D422ED1AC203 9/3/1210:04 PM 8B78855A-A502-48FE-9B2E-65BC8302387A 9/3/129:54 PM E75F50E0-75C3-405D-B402-7EE060968BB4 9/1/129:27 AM

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