posted by reeddm 5 years ago
Fresh install of Windows 7 after hard drive failure: recovery key used on original drive no longer works?

I just had my hard drive replaced recently after it starting giving boot warnings about impending failure. The IT department at my uni replaced the drive, loaded their standard Win7 install, and restored all of my documents and files. Booting Mozilla for the first time on that install, I had all of my bookmarks, setting, passwords, etc. already there (FF even gave me the dialog to restore the last session before the drive replacement.)

But, since their install is awful (tons of bloatware, obnoxious account management and admin privileges, etc.), I decided to go about putting my own copy of 7 on just as I want it. Having learned my lesson with my Sync account last time I did this, I checked to make sure that I still had the recovery key from the original drive/installation (not the IT install.) Now, when I try to use my recovery key, Sync says it's the wrong one, and that "your Recovery Key has been changed with another device." I haven't touched the Key since I first generated it, so what exactly happened? Did Sync auto-generate another key from the IT installation without telling me, and now all my Sync data is completely lost?

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