How can I see / change the smtp ports in use by FF 12.0 on my WIN2K antique?

My webmail account works, though slowly, when I'm using NetScape 7.1. When I try to use the same program and service with FireFox 12.0, I can receive email, but sending email gets me an error message that's something like "Could not establish an SMTP commection with the server." The service tells me that my outgoing smtp port should be 465 if I'm using SSL, and 25 if I'm not using SSL. Also, if I'm asked about "authentication," it should be "the same as incoming." Where do I find these settings in FF12.0?

I'm asking this question on another computer, not the one I'm having trouble with. My problem child is an IBM Aptiva running Windows 2000 Version 5.0 (Build 2195; Service Pack 4) Copyright 1981-1999 Microsoft Corp. Physical memory available to Windows: 64,824 KB

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