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Having trouble connect consistantly with websites, clear history then it works and an hour later, need to do the same thing (clear history to connect)


Just purchased new laptop with Windows 8, loaded firefox for browser as have always used in other computers. Am having trouble accessing websites, for example when I go to my gmail gmail.com, an error comes up that it can't access the website, check connections. But if I go and clear history, includidng the cache, then close Firefox and reopen and then try it works. Then I'll move onto other things and go back and it still works. Not sure what is the trigger, but when I try to go back to my gmail for example.(as it happens on other sites as well, my banking, my facebook, etc) I get that error again, I then have to again clear history,...then everything works!!! It's very frustrating as I have to clear history at least a dozen times per day! What is happening!

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  • Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 11.0.01


  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:18.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/18.0

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Certain Firefox problems can be solved by performing a Clean reinstall. This means you remove Firefox and any leftover program files and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps one by one:

  1. Download the latest Desktop version of Firefox from http://www.mozilla.org and save the setup file to your computer.
  2. After the download finishes, close all Firefox windows (click Exit from the Firefox or File menu) and confirm all upcoming messages.
  3. Now, uninstall Firefox by following the steps mentioned in the Uninstall Firefox article.

IMPORTANT: On Windows, the uninstaller has the option to remove your personal data and settings. Make sure that you do not check this option; otherwise all of your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, user customizations and other Firefox user profile data will be removed from your computer.

After uninstalling Firefox on Windows, delete the "Mozilla Firefox" program folder, located by default in one of these locations:

  • (On 32-bit Windows) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • (On 64-bit Windows) C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and click on "Computer".
  2. In the Explorer window that opens, double click Local Disk (C:) to open the C:\ drive.
  3. Find the "Program Files (x86)" folder or "Program Files" folder.
    • On 32-bit Windows, double-click the Program Files folder to open it.
    • On 64-bit Windows, you will see a "Program Files (x86)" folder AND a "Program Files" folder. Open the Program Files (x86) folder.
  4. Look for a Mozilla Firefox folder. If you find one, right-click it and select Delete and confirm that you want to move the folder to the Recycle Bin.

Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:

  1. Double-click the downloaded installation file and go through the steps of the installation wizard.
  2. Once the wizard is finished, choose to directly open Firefox after clicking the Finish button.

Please report back to see if this helped you!

dodge2755 0 solutions 2 answers

how do you ask a question on here? i'm trying to make aol my default email, and have tried everything!

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dodge2755, please ask your question here so we can further assist you better. Thanks!

dodge2755 0 solutions 2 answers

i'm trying to make AOL my default email program, and have tried everything with no luck. also, tried to post the question, and can't. thinking of doing away with firefox because all i get is the runaround!

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dodge2755, please message me so I assist you in posting your question. This is not the correct place to ask your question as this is a different thread. I also apologize for the runarounds you have received.