Firefox crashes on startup

Here's the deal.

From one day onto the next, out of the blue, Firefox (version 18.0.1) refuses to start up. I get the crash reporter screen as soon as Firefox tries to start, stating that firefox has crashed. If I click on "Details" nothing happens. If I click on "Restart Firefox" I immidiately get the next Crash Reporter screen. No Windows updates were installed, and no Firefox updates either from what I can tell. I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with SP1 btw...

So I tried starting firefox in "Windows Compatability mode" using Windows XP SP3. Now Firefox starts, including all plugins, without any problems.

I can also start firefox in "Safe mode" by holding down the SHIFT key when double-clikcing on the firefox icon.

So while in safe mode, I typed about:crashes in the URL bar witch showed the following:

Submitted Crash Reports

bp-26e20406-2344-4d8a-8573-1fdf12130130	30-1-2013 16:07
bp-78a3f537-246c-4935-b640-463a42130130	30-1-2013 12:22
bp-59fad0f4-2f6f-474f-9728-3c8222130130	30-1-2013 12:22
bp-b7a55e47-00f5-4b3a-baff-5e6502130130	30-1-2013 12:19
bp-22f0a628-9181-40b3-a6fd-29a3e2130130	30-1-2013 12:18
161bf996-c6e4-4bb3-aae1-be96d5fbaff8 29-1-2013 19:45

(in the mean time, I have a whole lot moreĀ :( )

So then (still in Firefox safe mode) I went into the Add-ons Manager and uninstalled all Extensions. Then I disabled all plugins (which btw are all up to date according to Firefox itself):

    Java Deployment Toolkit
    Java(TM) Paltform SE 7 U11
    Adobe Acrobat
    Shockwave Flash
    Silverlight Plug-In 5.1.10411.0
    VLC Web Plugin
    Wacom Tablet Plugin

Then I closed Firefox, but when trying to start Firefox again in normal mode, it crashed again. I have also tried uninstalling Firefox completely, then running a registry cleaner to make sure everything was really gone. Then downloading and installed Firefox 18.0.1 again. But as soon as it started it crashed again.

I again uninstalled Firefox, ran the reg-cleaner but this time I installed Firefox version 9 (which I still had on a backup drive), but this version too, crashes on startup. And I had the same with version 15 which I also still had on the backup drive. But whichever version I install, they all crash at startup unless I start them in compatibility mode or safe mode.

I even uninstalling all the programs which had a plugin embeded in the browser, so there were no plugins left. And again, uninstalled Firefox and reinstaled it. But still Firefox crashes at startup. And finally I even updated my graphics drivers and followed this thread:

Since I've done everything I can think off, I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. So if anyone has any idea, please let me know. I hate to switch browsers, and I don't want to run things in "compatability mode" just to have it working, because it did work before.

in the mean time, here are some more crash reports:

bp-bf8fa5b0-a0a6-48ce-80b9-645792130130 30-1-2013 18:29 bp-f18b9174-5307-41af-be74-aa9972130130 30-1-2013 18:29 bp-ed27ee58-379f-4fa1-a824-6ce352130130 30-1-2013 18:16 bp-f73252bd-c702-4907-8657-95cc02130130 30-1-2013 18:11 bp-47789933-a64c-4f06-b9fd-282002130130 30-1-2013 18:09 bp-266a8f07-21ed-4f5f-bb5a-ba2f32130130 30-1-2013 18:08 bp-6c391ece-ae68-4935-b604-51ddb2130130 30-1-2013 18:08 bp-b25c1252-34f7-4785-b5ae-a8a462130130 30-1-2013 18:06

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