I have to save emails from outlook to my hard drive. When I go to open the email on the HD the attachment is not an attachment anymore. It needs to be. Help?

My office uses outlook for emails, calendaring, etc. We save as all emails to a specific client related file for easy access and to reduce the items saved in outlook.

Many of the emails have attachments. I use Firefox (love it) as my browser so when I save as an email it saves it with the Firefox Icon instead of the Outlook Envelope Icon. When I open the email from my computer (not outlook) the attachment name is there but it is not accessible. I have to go to the email in outlook and save the attachment(s) separately in order to access them. I don't want to do that. It takes up to much time and often the attachments are related to the data within the email and they need to be together in their original form.

If I use Internet Explorer (which I hate) as my browser this does not happen. Can you help me? I really don't want to use IE.

Thank you.

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