posted by lcools 5 years ago
Unable to migrate, import, sync bookmarks to 2nd Firefox on partition

Started with Mac OSX10.8. Added 10.6 partition. When I opened the same Firefox in 10.6 partition, my bookmarks didn't show up but browser.

I downloaded a new firefox just for the 10.6 partition. I was not prompted to import my bookmarks, and I cannot figure out how to import them. I looked at the sync options on this firefox and it mirrors the first one...meaning it has my sync account already on it, and the 'sync now' option under tools, not 'set-up sync' and it does not provide the 12 digit key code.

If I could just import the bookmarks etc that I already have that would be something, but I can't find a menu option for that. I wasn't given the option upon start up.

If I have to start clean and reinstall 10.6 first, I will. I just need to know what I can expect to work wit a partition. I haven't been able to find mac specific info in any forum.

Probably even more problematic, each time I open firefox, it prompts me to download yet another firefox download disk image???

thanks for any help!

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