What would be the cause of seemingly unrelated crashes when Flash has been ruled out?

I started out assuming it was a Flash issue. I reverted to 10.3 and still happening. Thought it was an issue related to Waterfox. I uninstalled that and switched to Firefox. I have a maximum of 5 tabs open and crashes are occurring regardless of what webpages are in the Tabs. Following are the reports.

683e5c85-65b4-44f6-9e8d-35d6e76f2d9d1/28/201312:28 PM
bp-e9e49fb1-7364-424f-ba20-14db821301281/28/201311:14 AM
bp-1cc60fce-33d7-450b-a969-9890521301281/28/201310:42 AM
bp-d65bba4b-e5e1-4ea0-8bc3-ab8d921301281/28/201310:03 AM
bp-5907205b-3cc1-442d-8f0a-7d18a21301281/28/201310:03 AM
bp-a6a18ff8-518d-4d0d-9416-2ad2421301251/25/20134:31 PM
bp-13f1690a-a410-418e-9721-2cac121301251/25/20134:15 PM
bp-c031b849-cc5e-48ca-b2f2-a7d2221301251/25/20134:15 PM
bp-7c4a5200-b3c5-4d32-8563-4ecf221301251/25/20139:43 AM
bp-7677f547-7b5a-45c4-9d98-6a92421301251/25/20139:13 AM
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