How Do I Stop Text Enhance Appearing On My Site

There has been a lot information and solutions based around Text Enhance being a browser issue. However, I find that this cannot be entirely correct. My site has visitors using various browsers and recently I have had several visitors complain that they are seeing Text Enhance on my site and only my site.

I can agree with them as I have also only seen Text Enhance on my site. I have seen it using a brand new Mac Pro without ever changing the default setting. I have also seen it on Android, again without ever changing the browser default settings. Not only have I seen it using several different browsers and machines but also using different servers. I have never seen Text Enhance on any other site I have visited.

Could it be that I have infected my Magento site when I have updated some content?

I have recently followed some instructions from to remove it from Firefox and this has worked on my browser. But what about my visitors to my site

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