posted by Zyst 5 years ago
The last tab, furthest to the right, does not load when restarting FireFox.

Whenever I restart firefox, the last tab I had opened does not load. The matter of restarting can be any kind: new add on installed, new firefox update, restarting the browser manually, or restarting my computer so that firefox is automatically closed. It's always the same problem. The last tab will be displayed as my New Tab page, which is blank. I can have 3 tabs open, and the first 2 will load just fine, but the last doesn't. This means that if I restart for an add-on or something, I need to go back into my history to pull up this last tab, which is inconvenient. And it may not have been my most recent tab. I may open this last tab, go back to an earlier tab and surf the web on that, building my history, and then restart firefox for whatever reason. In those instances, I need to open up the history window and dig for that last tab from memory.

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