flash pLayer plugin usage a lot of CPU!

hello i have the next problem the last 2 CPU is in heavy use ,without doing an intense work!!!!the norton told me that the CPU is usage from flash plugin i opened the task manager and i saw that the flash player plugin x32 uses the 45-90% of CPU!!!without reason.i dont play on browser any flash video the current week.i have the latest flash player 11.5.502.146.i unistalled it and reinstall it but the problem remain.i think the problem is the flash player as part of firefox doing the next trick:on task manager clik the"end task" and the problem temporary fixed.but with the next reboot show up i want a finally solution.what can i do?.unistall firefox?can i disable flash plugin from firefox settings?something else?i have windows 8 me please!!!sorry for my bad english

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