posted by Pizzle 5 years ago
Firefox CPU consumption jumps when mouse moves


Whenever I move the mouse in Firefox 18.0.1, the firefox.exe process jumps from 0% to 30% CPU consumption. When other stuff happens that requires CPU resources I experience a drop in responsiveness, so please don't tell me that 30% is acceptable ;)

I made a default profile to test this. I also disabled plugins and tested in Firefox safe mode. I'm running a 3 days fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit, fully updated. I installed Acronis True Image 2013, if that matters. Firewall and antivirus are disabled. Slowdown occurs even on about:blank pages, however when I'm moving over Firefox options pane, CPU jumps by 10-15% instead of 30%, which I guess is a little more acceptable.

It doesn't happen with Internet Explorer, whether 32 or 64 bit. It doesn't happen with any other program, though few are installed, except a 10-15% increase in Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 UI. I personally don't expect more than 5% increase in CPU consumption when I move the mouse over something. Kaspersky menus are way more animated than Firefox though, so I'm not sure the consumption I report is related to my issue.

My mouse is an EssentielB, model Mulo XL, product code 825258. It's a wired laser USB mouse with 2 extra buttons that do previous/next in Firefox, and 2 other buttons that change mouse speed.

It didn't come with any separate driver, was automatically recognized by Windows and works fine. However I'm using a laptop, and moving the mouse cursor with the touch pad increases CPU consumption by 10-15% instead of 30% with the mouse. (as I said, this is better but still a lot)

Hope you can help! :) If you need more info or that I test something, please post here instead of emailing me as I do not check that mail box. Thanks!

EDIT: The troubleshooting information says 0 / 1 window is hardware accelerated, but that's only because Firefox was running in safe mode. In normal mode the problem of course persists yet hardware acceleration works properly.

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