posted by DaWolf 5 years ago
how does FireFox and ActiveX Controls work?

I was having issues with Videos playing so figured I had to update my Flashplayer, but when I tried to update it kept failing to install and on the Control Panel for Windows XP I clicked on the Flashplayer Icon and went to the Advanced Tab and it states that there are no ActiveX Control installed but I know I have ActiveX version 10 installed due to some Games I have installed on the PC. So I was wondering how FireFox worked with or around the ActiveX Controls. This is for my piece of mind and future reference as I do all my own Tech Support for my PC and am self taught through trial and error about XP. Am running an Intel Celeron processor, 697MHz with XP Service Pack 3, FireFox 12.0, 192MB of SD RAM. Yeah it's old but it works for what I do. LOL Anyway any info on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance Craig

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