posted by diago 5 years ago
Flash crashing suddenly (Firefox 18.0.1)

Flash just started causing Firefox to freeze (not crash, therefore; no crash id's (Correction Below)). It was working fine until an hour or two ago. Also, Firefox now freezes on other sites. This just started less then 30 mintues ago. It seems, there are a few ways to 'temporarily' fix the issue, but it always occurs again immediately. First, if I use task manager to end the Adobe Flash process, Firefox unfreezes. Second, as far as it freezing on other sites, the only way to unfreeze Firefox is to end task on the Plugin Container for Firefox process.

I find it weird that this just started happened with no cause. I have not made any changes to my computer in months (neither software nor hardware wise) and I know I don't have any virus' or the like as I keep that very well in check.

As far as what I have done to 'attempt' fixing this issue, I have already tried updating Flash, downgrading Flash to 10.3, upgrading Flash back to 11.x. Restarting Firefox, rebooting the computer, booting into safe-mode, running Firefox in Safe-Mode, uninstalling & reinstalling Firefox (with a reboot in between). Nothing has fixed this issue. Any help would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I have no issues of any kind in IE, Chrome, nor Opera so I know this is a Firefox issue.

P.P.S. Checked about:crashes and found that Firefox actually made crash information on the flash plugin (but don't see one on the plugin container issue). Anyways, it was throttled so sent it on. Here is the information on that;

Keep in mind, this was before I reinstalled Firefox, no new entries since reinstall.

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