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The perfect mobile browser?


Give mobile.Firefox an option to have websites default to desktop view permanently, a way to rearrange bookmarks, and a way to restore previously opened tabs when opening it, and this browser will be UNBEATABLE. That is all.

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Thanks for all the feedback! You can also submit your suggestions to Suggestion Box

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For the first one you could use the Phoney extension on mobile Firefox so you can make sites think you are using the "desktop Firefox". https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/phony/

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Thank you, James, I will give this a try. Sometimes my previous tabs will automaty reopen, but often not, especially after a reboot. I've been spoiled withtfox,waterfoxers. Ugh, I can't edit my text on this HTC evo 4g, which is not a Firefox issue since it happens on all browsers. Anyways, waterfox ftw. Firefox for droid is the best mobile browser, and I just want to help take it over the top if possible. The challenge seems to be always having previous tabs/links open when starting the fox, even after a reboot. this is probably a challenge with droid's OS.