posted by jrfk2 5 years ago
What is HttpFox using to display in the Content tab

I'm working on code using HttpURLConnection to a web server and one web page that logs off from the web server sends a POST to the web server and I get an http 200 back, but the header "Connection" says "close" and the Content-Length has a value .. but I don't get anything from trying to read from the HttpURLConnection.getInputStream() ... and I think thats becuase the connection is closed.

When I watch this http request/response using HttpFox .. i see all the same values as above, except the Content tab in HttpFox shows basically the html web page I want to display to the end user.

So I am trying to figure out what I need to access on the HttpURLConnection to get to that data that HtpFox is showing in the Content tab ..

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