Installing new version warning - tell me how many of enabled add-ons not supported, disabled support?


I recently upgraded to lastest version of Firefox (18.0) but i now find several add-ons are not supported by this version. I had waited but still several are not supported.

is there an add-on or an easy method that shows me when I get the Firefox alert "update available do you want to install?" (my preference setting is ASK) that firefox / or a firefox add-on scans my list of add-ons and tells me

1) 5/60 enabled addons are not supported on this current version

2) 2/10 disabled addons are supported on this version

3) or a way to tag add-ons to say, if these are supported in current version, then install it. if not wait.

I would like this feature, so then i can make a more informed choice to install the firefox update or hold.

I do have the add-on > cleanest add-on manager (but that does not help with this issue) > add-on update checker (but that does not help with this issue, it notifies when update of the addon available, and allows you to control when the add-ons are updated)


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