chinese input using mac trackpad is not working in firefox 18

i was trying to use my mac trackpad to input chinese on the web page and found out it is not working ... i switched to use firefox recently from safari which is working fine with input chinese using mac trackpad ... i am using version 18 and search the support and found out it worked in firefox 16 and not working in version 17 & 18 ... to my surprise that how could it worked in version 16 and not working in version 17 & 18 ... how could you removed the function away with the updated version? ... i thought you will have more efforts to improve the functions rather to remove functions in an open source programming approach ... i do not know if there is any person responsible to put this function back to firefox in the coming update?...

can any person provide any comment on this issue? ... i hope this could be resolved asap...

please advise...


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