How do I backup Navigaton Toolbar + Add-on Toolbar settings? [RECOVERING from Firefox RESET]


Recently had to RESET and had to manually re-instate my > Navigation Toolbar (the toolbar with the URL and google search in it) > Addson toolbar (the skinnier toolbar at the bottom)

1) How can I backup/export/restore these toolbars?

2) How can I automate the backup of these toolbars (like bookmarks) so it happens at a schedule set by firefox or in a preference by me?

3) What is best way to backup my ZOOM settings (the +/-) i use on my toolbar.

I use this extensively. Almost 100% of every page i visit has a preferred zoom set. This is a critical piece of configuration for me. so I would like to understand 1) how do i back it up 2) how to I automate the backup (like bookmarks) so it occurs automatically at a schedule (either set by firefox or set in a preference by me)

4) What is ffox support suggested procedure to backup your preference settings set in each of the ADD-ONs. I currently have over 50 add-ons and the list seems to be growing each month.

My add-on component is becoming a major component of my Firefox solution. Great in functionality, dangerous for recovering from the Firefox RESET feature. I have searched help online and found nothing of value to provide clear steps of what one must to do.


edited by a moderator to add the 3rd and 4th items which were in other questions

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