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I want IE back as default browser, but the FOX isn't working with me and keeps substituting itself


While Foxfire is good for some things, I want IE back as the default. I have tried the Microsoft suggestions, but things are not working or there. Ex: it says to go to Add Delete programs which is suddenly not there (it's as if the Fox has hidden things to ensure it's survival as default).

I'm sure that I am not the only person to ever want it removed as default.

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hello, firefox certainly doesn't hide any entries & plays fair game ;-)

first of all please go to firefox > options > advanced > general and uncheck Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup.

afterwards make IE the default browser on your system, either go to IE > tools > internet options > programs > make default or refer to microsoft's documentation how to change default programs in the control panel: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Change-which-programs-Windows-uses-by-default

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I had high hopes - I unchecked, then went to IE and made IE the default - then I opened an e-mail link and up came Firefox.

Although I requested IE to notify, the default changed to Firefox WITHOUT Notification.

This is probably part of it, but there must still be a piece missing.

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are you applying the default browser change while you're logged in with an account that has admin rights? otherwise i have no idea what could cause the problem. maybe also try a scan for malware with different programs: free version of malwarebytes, microsoft safety scanner & kaspersky security scan or try to contact microsoft's support...

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Yes. we only have 1 account and I have administrator authority.

I even tried to restart the computer - the check box was still unchecked - I tried to open something - it asked me if I wanted IE - I said yes and up came Firefox.

The malware scan just ran and is clear.

My next thought is to uninstall Firefox!!!