I can no longer organize my drop down book mark list ,from the toolbar in alphabetical order like I used to Why ?

Used to, I could organize my drop down book mark list from the tool bar, in alphabetical order from A-Z by clicking on view, sort by, select . Now every time I add a new bookmark it goes to the bottom of my bookmark list in Unsorted bookmarks . I can go to the bookmarks and sort the menu in Alpha. order. However, when I go back and drop down the bookmark list from the tool bar, the new bookmarks are still in the Unsorted list at the bottom. The bookmark's menu may or not have them in assorted list. This occurred several updates back. Why can I no longer sort the drop down book marks list in A-Z alph. order? This is a major obstacle when trying to search for a particular bookmark that I have made in the not too distant past.

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