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if use full screen mode with js for 3 second cursor restored to default !


if use full screen mode with js for 3 second cursor restored to default !

<script type="text/javascript">
  function goFullscreen(id) {
    // Get the element that we want to take into fullscreen mode
    var element = document.getElementById(id);
    // These function will not exist in the browsers that don't support fullscreen mode yet, 
    // so we'll have to check to see if they're available before calling them.
    if (element.mozRequestFullScreen) {
      // This is how to go into fullscren mode in Firefox
      // Note the "moz" prefix, which is short for Mozilla.
    } else if (element.webkitRequestFullScreen) {
      // This is how to go into fullscreen mode in Chrome and Safari
      // Both of those browsers are based on the Webkit project, hence the same prefix.
   // Hooray, now we're in fullscreen mode!

    <input type="button" onClick="goFullscreen('body');" value="FullScreen">

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 cursor:url('../images/cursor.cur'), url('../images/cursor.png') , auto;

a:hover , button:hover , input[type=sumit]:hover , input[type=button]
 cursor:url('../images/handcursor.cur'), url('../images/handcursor.png') , auto;

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thanks for reply sry my English not good :D

i test it with ff18 , it no problem but in ff19 ....