need an addon - contains bookmark name to x characters (e.g. 10)

Hello: do you know of any add-on that constrains the bookmark name to x characters? x = 10 for me.

Ideally the addon would append the "cut" piece of the title into the description.

or an addon, that adss "bookmark/properties" into your right click (context menu) ?

why this is needed? > long bookmark names means the popout windows shift from right to left, and thus making navigation much harder (am on trackpad) > you seem to loose ability to drag within the popup to reorder bookmarks (when i have them small names, ffox does not seem to choke... likes it better)

currently my workaround is: 1 open the item in a tab 2 drag tab to bookmark bar (yes it will be long and push all you other icons off the page in your bookmark toolbar) 3 right click on the bookmark item (so you access bookmark properties) 4 correct title 5 drag cleaned up bookmark name to its correct spot (e.g. folder off the bookmark toolbar)

rather a little clunky.....

any better ways? or even better, any funky addon to do this for me?

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