What are all of the New Tabs across the top when Downloading Firefox it has been going on for almost 45 minutes, MAC OS10.8.2

I am down loading the new Firefox. As soon as I stated the down load I start seeing these New Tab boxes start flowing across the top of my screen. They just keep coming and coming and I don't know what is going on. It looks like my computer is being hacked. I tried to stop it and I can't. I tried to close the window and couldn't, I forced quit my computer and as soon as it comes back on it goes right back to all of those New Tab going across the top of my screen. I was finally able to get another window to come up so I could send this message.

I may not be able to get back to this page or open my e-mail so if need be you can call me at two 51-621-96 nine eight


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