Does Classic Retweet for Twitter rely on Java?

I use Firefox on my Mac Air. I've been using the Classic Retweet add-on for some time now, trouble-free.

But it's stopped working, and the timing makes me suspect it's related to my disabling Java in the wake of the security scare.

When I'm on Twitter and click "Classic Retweet", what used to be an editable window with the full tweet and user name does pop up, but it's completely blank.

I checked to make sure that I had only Java, not Javascript, disabled. Javascript is enabled, Java is not.

I do have the NoScript add-on as well, but that's been the case for over a year and they've happily co-existed. I have no other add-ons that might be causing the problem.

How can I troubleshoot to see if the lack of Java is the issue?

It's okay to use small words and speak slowly - I'm not terribly tech-savvy! ;) Thanks.

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