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Does Classic Retweet for Twitter rely on Java?


I use Firefox on my Mac Air. I've been using the Classic Retweet add-on for some time now, trouble-free.

But it's stopped working, and the timing makes me suspect it's related to my disabling Java in the wake of the security scare.

When I'm on Twitter and click "Classic Retweet", what used to be an editable window with the full tweet and user name does pop up, but it's completely blank.

I checked to make sure that I had only Java, not Javascript, disabled. Javascript is enabled, Java is not.

I do have the NoScript add-on as well, but that's been the case for over a year and they've happily co-existed. I have no other add-ons that might be causing the problem.

How can I troubleshoot to see if the lack of Java is the issue?

It's okay to use small words and speak slowly - I'm not terribly tech-savvy! ;) Thanks.

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I really appreciate the personal reply - and yes, that fixed it! Thanks, Jon!

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No, the Classic Retweet add-on does not require Java. For that matter, I haven't heard of a single add-on that does. Extensions — a type of add-on, like Classic Retweet — are built using Javascript. Despite the similar name, the two technologies are not related.

Normally, when you disable Javascript in Firefox, it only affects web pages. However, the Classic Retweet add-on is specific to a web site, so it's possible that it requires Javascript to be enabled in order to work. With Javascript disabled or blocked by NoScript, the Twitter page might fail to do something that Classic Retweet relies on.

In short, have you tried

  1. Disabling NoScript
  2. Clearing the cache
  3. Deleting cookies from Twitter
  4. Restarting Firefox

When facing a problem with a specific add-on, it's usually best to contact the author. In this case, it seems @jonpierce is the place to do that.

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Thank you for taking all that time! I faithfully and carefully executed all those steps. Then for good measure I uninstalled and reinstalled Classic Retweet, and again restarted Firefox.

Unfortunately, I still get the blank box instead of the pre-filled Retweet.

So I'll take your last suggestion to contact the author, and report back.

Much obliged!

Jon Pierce 0 solutions 1 answers

Hi there!

This is Jon, author of the Classic Retweet add-on.

The short answer to your problem is to update to the latest version, which, as of this writing, is 1.10.

You can always download the latest version(s) from this "versions" page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/classic-retweet/versions/

Unfortunately, it takes longer for updates to make their way over to the main page, as Mozilla must first review them, a process which can take several weeks, sadly. :/

So, if you ever encounter an issue (e.g. when Twitter updates its site in a way that breaks the extension, as was the case here), it's always best to look for not-yet-officially-approved updates on the "versions" page.

Hope that helps!

Jon Pierce http://jonpierce.com

Chosen Solution

I really appreciate the personal reply - and yes, that fixed it! Thanks, Jon!