Odd Drag and Drop Behavior When Moving Image Files From Browser Onto Desktop in OSX Mountain Lion

After just upgrading to Mountain Lion and then installing firefox 18.01 I noticed that when I try to drag an image off of a website and place it onto my desktop it does not stay in the place I drop it. If I try to drop it on the left side of my screen it automatically flies over to the next available open space in the grid on the right side. I have 'show view options' set to none and it still does this. It's not set to grid. Once the file is on my desktop I can move it wherever I want, but coming off firefox its doing this weird thing. I've tried safari and chrome and they work fine so it must have to be something with firefox interacting with my new OS. I never had this issue in Snow Leopard. I've repaired permissions and that didn't fix it, and tried it in another account and the problem was still there. Has anyone else had this issue and were able to fix it?