speed problem is ISP line v FFox Browser problem

OK, ive had some bad couple of days with surfing / using firefox broswer and every so often.. it is so slow I can type faster than my cursor is moving.

so abnormal slow speed.

Now this has happened in the past... long time ago.. then went away... dont know what changed... and now its back

so i would LOVE someone technical to map out the steps. Opening Ffox in safe mode is not doing trick. --- ISP on their line test (testing wireless, surfing using FFox 17.01) gets "13mbps"

My little WIFI indicator is showing 0.3kB/S

see screenshot

my ISP refutes that my little wifi indicator is the Truth.

So now I am rock stuck in between with poor surfing speed (occassional)

So I need steps to eliminate the possible culprit. As each time the speed goes down to very very slow the root cause could be different.

so help me out...

1 perform speed test using ISPs online speed test e.g. gets 13mbps

2 see what my little wifi indicator says e.g. 0.3kB/S

3??? 4 ??? 5 ??

(its not helpful to open firefox in safe mode, as it means i have to close down browswer, so i cannot check what is the problem, right then and there, when i have the problem) what is the suggestion in this case?

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