When using Firefox, my basic edit commands are not working properly on documents, searches, etc. It started yesterday.

I'm using a Mac, running OS X 10.5. Running Firefox 18.0.1. The problem seems to have started with this version of Firefox. I can edit any document on my laptop and I can use basic edit and search commands on Safari, however, I can't do that when I'm in Firefox. Hence, I believe the problem to be with Firefox.

If I try to type, delete, cut and paste, etc. in my email, on a website that I've reached via Firefox, or even in my URL or search window, I can't use the keyboard for cutting, pasting, deleting, etc. I have to get out of whichever "window" my cursor is in and then go back into that window in order for it to work. I have to do this repeatedly.

For example, as I'm typing this (in this "window")... I wanted to go add a period after the last word ("repeatedly") in the previous paragraph. When I move my cursor from where I am now, as I type, to do that - I can't. I have to move my cursor out of this box and then re-enter the box at the place where I wish to edit. Once I move away from where I am currently typing, I can no longer edit anything. I have to move out of the window and back in...

The same applies to the search window, the URL bar and then when I finally get to a site and want to type, etc., the same applies.

Also, I am unable to use the control key functions in any of the above mentioned areas.

So, if I type in "a;lskdjf;alskdjf" and want to delete it, I have to: 1) get out of this box and re-enter it with my cursor where I want to begin 2) use a delete key - i.e. let it back up and delete each letter one by one, or go to my "edit" choices at the top of my screen and select "delete".

In other words, I can no longer use they keyboard shortcuts (command key + X to delete, for example) to perform ANY type of basic edit. The odd thing is that I CAN place my cursor anywhere in this box at anytime and use the edit choices from my tool bar. That seems to work fine.

Again... I am NOT having this problem with any text document or when I use Safari.

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