Why cant`t I open some sites like: , , but : for example ?

Hi, I can not access ; , and so on. But if I try then the site opens and I can login. But I can not bid, open anything I watch and so on. When I try to open one of the mentioned sites the result is. Server is down, disconnected, or absolutely nothing. Help!!. This problem started when I upgraded from 18.0 to 18.01. I hoped it would dissapear with 19 beta but no it didn`t. Normally when you click a link you will see the link down inthe left corner while Firefox opens up the new site - but nothing. I`ve tried to put the adr. into the "bar" directly, but no same result. I`m running Firefox 18.0 at my portable PC and there are no problems. I`m using Windows 7 Home edition. One more thing normally there has been no problem with upgrading but this time I had to download the whole Firefox (booth the 18.01 and 19.0beta versions) and run them as admin to be able to upgrade. HELP!!!

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