i want to save a website which has .js extension but when i opened that website, firefox opens it but i want it to ask me to save. what to do?

1. i copied a website which has .js extension 2. i opened that site with internet explorer 3. then it asked me to save, save as, open --three options 4. after saving it on my desktop, my antivirus caught it as malware.

5. i opened that same website with firefox 6. it didn't asked me to save 7. but it directly opened that site and showed its code in firefox itself 8. my antivirus didn't respond

9. so iam asking if there is any way to configure firefox so that it asks me to save instead of open, when i opened .js websites. its safe to save instead of opening .js files

i hope i get answer from u as early as possible. my email is thank u very much.......

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